A Call-Out & Event Announcement

The Olympia Legal Defense Fund is currently seeking donations for the Direct Auction, an auction and pizza party to raise money to pay lawyer and court fees for low-income community members facing local charges.  OLDF believes that everyone deserves a fair trial and adequate legal representation, whether they can afford it or not.

The Direct Auction will probably be held on May 28 from 6-10pm at Fertile Ground.

We are looking for in-kind donations of any sort, including handmade crafts and gift certificates from local businesses, for a silent auction, as well as donations of services for our live auction.  Would you be willing to mop the floor or mow the lawn for someone?  Can you fix a leaky sink, bake a tasty cake, or tailor a baggy suit?  Do you have a talent to teach to others?  At the auction, your donated service or skill will be available for open bidding, potential buyers encouraged by a duo of kooky auctioneers.

OLDF is also seeking donated pizza ingredients like cheese, cheese alternatives, vegetables, and tomato sauce for gourmet pizza to be baked on site in Fertile Ground’s cob oven.

Thank you for supporting Olympia Legal Defense.  Your donation will help keep our community safer from injustice in the justice system.


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