Gender Jam’s Support Statement

Statement of Support for the State Street 29
By Gender Jam: LaD.I.Y. & Trans Fest
May, 2010

Gender Jam: LaDIY and Trans Fest is proud to announce our support for the “State Street 29”, a group of preople mass-arrested in Olympia, WA, during a march against police violence on April 8, 2010. Gender Jam is an organization founded on principles of anti-oppression, mutual aid, and accountability. Our Mission Statement reads: “We recognize that we live in a society full of power imbalances along lines of race, class, gender, sex, sexuality, age, physical ability, size and other diverse identities.” Under these principles, it is our obligation to stand in solidarity with victims of political repression and state violence.

We would like to publicly state our support for the State Street 29, because they are important assets to their communities throughout Olympia.  Some of them are our loved ones.  Individuals of the State Street 29 care for our children, work for social justice, organize events (such as Gender Jam), prepare and serve food with Food Not Bombs, and volunteer with community organizations like EGYHOP (Emma Goldman Youth and Homeless Outreach Project). Regardless of the tactics employed or the end result of the actions that took place during the protest, we wish to support the State Street 29 as they struggle through the aftermath. Our goal is to embrace them and to help move all of us towards building a stronger community.

Gender Jam has decided to throw a dual fundraiser with the State Street 29 Support Committee on Friday, May 21st at the Nut House at 8pm.  We hope you’ll come out to support not only those actively confronting state repression and police murder: the State Street 29 and GenderJam 2010: LaDIY & Trans Fest! Please feel free to check out our blog for more information on our mission and anti-oppression beliefs,

“The march was done in solidarity with the West Coast Days of Action against State Violence to draw attention to the fact that police everywhere are perpetuating and fostering fear among our communities. Our goal as the State Street 29 Support Committee is to encourage others to view the arrestees, from the perspective of those who rely on and care about them, as loving, well intentioned, and active people concerned about the safety of our community.”- From the State Street 29 Support Committee’s First Official Statement.

Gender Jam Organizers


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